The main goal of the project “Marjan 2020 – the hill of the past, an oasis of the future” is the sustainable use of natural heritage to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development at the local and regional level. The specific goal of the project proposal is to increase the attractiveness and educational capacity and establish better management of visitors to natural heritage, with the project aimed at developing public awareness of the importance of preserving biodiversity and geodiversity through the promotion of Marjan Forest Park.

The project “Marjan 2020 – the hill of the past, an oasis of the future”, initiated by the Public Institution for Park and Forest Management Marjan, and the city of Split and partners aims to completely transform the park-forest Marjan and restore the old spirit of Marjan, through many activities for all citizens of Split and to all other visitors. For this reason, the project was named “Marjan 2020 – Hill of the Past, Oasis of the Future” as it will develop a number of visitor infrastructure, equip and improve signage, all hiking, biking and trim routes, introduce a number of training grounds, attractions, educational facilities, and to establish a system of road and sea traffic, and start with a series of workshops, education, schools in nature and sports, and finally develop a comprehensive educational and informational multimedia system of presentations on the Internet and markets, but also in its own information and sales space.

The creation of interactive multimedia content adapted to the kinesiological development of children and youth “Marjan Workout”(hereinafter: the application) serves for interactive contact of users with recreational opportunities in the Marjan park forest. It contains a video presentation of kinesiological and motor exercises adapted to children and young people for the development of motor abilities and skills. Certain places and devices on Marjan have a QR code. By scanning it, the application opens a display of all exercises and content in that specific place.

In addition to presentations on the use of certain devices or areas where certain exercises can be performed, the application collects and processes data on the frequency of users in a particular location, in order to gain a better insight into the usefulness of certain activities.

In the general view, all activities and localities on the interactive map are visible. By selecting on the map, or by directly scanning the QR code on the site, the user is guided to the specified exercise.

The exercise is presented through video and audio and textual description. After the exercise, the goal is to motivate the user to continue using the application or visit the next activity nearby. The user has an insight into the basic data on the achieved successes, which he can share with other users.

58Year of Marjan- Forest Park
4000Visitors daily

Visitor experiences

Only one part of the road is difficult at the beginning because there are a lot of stairs, but when you go through them, walking is pleasant. You can see a great variety of trees. Along the promenade there are chairs and balconies for relaxing and viewing. From this park you can reach the most beautiful beach in Split called Uvala Kašjuni, there is a bar/restaurant with comfortable loungers for relaxing and looking at the clear blue sea. If you continue walking, you can get to the road and take a bus or continue hiking to another beach called Bene, this one also has one restaurant but has more children and families.
Great place for a trip whether you are looking for cycling, hiking, swimming, a little history, the beach, or a place to eat, you can find it all here. Don’t forget to visit at night for an amazing view. We like to arrive just before sunset or moonrise. Here the stars are brighter and the view of the city is magical.
I was lucky to live nearby and walk almost every day, ride a bike and run and play sports. The park is very large and will suit both lovers of peaceful holidays and lovers of extreme sports - here you will find many opportunities for entertainment. A lot of locals come here on weekends. People from Split go for walks, picnics and enjoy the view with their families.


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