Marjan 2020 – The hill of the past, the oasis of the future

European Regional Development Fund; OP Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020; Promoting the sustainable development of natural heritage

8.12.2016. – 31.5.2022.

65 months i 23 days

26.614.389,24 kn

Public Institution for Management Park-Forest “Marjan”

Park-Forest Marjan is a unique example of natural heritage, sung in several songs, created by people, for people, and for all citizens of Split, around the world, along with Saint Duje, is a symbol of Split.

Rarely does any form of natural heritage mean what Marjan means to the people of Split, but this fact has led to a series of absurdities in which any intervention within the park-forest is undesirable to the extent that all facilities built over half a century ago are devastated and neglected.

Marjan, as a lonely, bare hill, was afforested by the citizens of Split, who for a number of years, especially in the first half of the 20th century. , developed a number of facilities, such as a zoo and botanical garden, all trails, roads and promenades, an observatory, lookouts, staircases, churches, beaches and roads. Unfortunately, all this is largely out of order and totally devastated today, which makes this natural heritage site, despite the high level of conservation of its natural environment, reduced to exclusively natural heritage – the forest itself – which is not necessarily bad in the context of Split is extremely lacking in green spaces and public park areas, but it does not meet the needs of various types of visitors, which can be met by the renovation of existing facilities, without any construction.

Thus, the Botanical Garden is neglected, the zoo is completely closed and evicted, promenades are inaccessible to the average person due to overgrowth or washed material, Marjan houses are mostly demolished or destroyed, and a significant part of sports infrastructure, training grounds and facilities are also out functions.

This project, initiated by the Public Institution for Park-Forest Management Marjan, and the city of Split and partners aims at the total transformation of the park-forest Marjan and the return of the old spirit of Marjan, through many facilities for citizens of Split and all other visitors.

For this reason, the project was named “Marjan 2020 – Hill of the Past, Oasis of the Future” as it will develop a number of visitor infrastructure, equip and improve signage, all hiking, biking and trim routes, introduce a number of training grounds, attractions, educational facilities, and to establish a system of road and sea traffic, and start with a series of workshops, education, schools in nature and sports, and finally develop a comprehensive educational and informational multimedia system of presentations on the Internet and markets, but also in its own information and sales space.

All of the above – will be achieved virtually without any construction, on existing built-up areas and spaces, making the project, although the maximum volume – minimal in terms of intervention in the natural environment and the forest environment.

The target group of the project is all visitors to the park-forest, starting from daily users and visitors, primarily athletes from many surrounding sports clubs, then the local population, occasional visitors from the wider area of ​​Split, to visitors throughout Croatia and abroad. all of the above will be developed truly diversified forms of visitor offer park-forest, tailored to their wishes and needs.

In general, a large component of the project are numerous educational activities to raise awareness of the need for conservation of natural heritage and biodiversity of the park-forest, which is aimed at all visitors, but especially tourists as occasional visitors, and children and youth, as a key goal. knowledge of the younger generations about the natural heritage that must be protected so that they can use it in the future.

Apart from the educational character, there are certainly numerous recreational, sports and adrenaline activities that meet the needs of numerous sports audiences, recreationists, sports clubs, children, youth and schools in nature and schools of multifunctional kinesiological development, which are certainly the most common group -forests Marjan.

Furthermore, people with special needs and disabilities are an extremely important group, given that Marjan, who also owns a beach for the disabled, will adapt and become a very friendly environment for people with various disabilities, mapping exact routes and routes and developing a range of information content. and a communication type for people with disabilities.

All these groups in their approach will be able to use the system of transporting visitors by sea and road with modern ecological vehicles and electric vehicles – where Marjan will become a unique area in the Republic of Croatia with a modern electric transport system.

Denis Sikirica, Ana Perčić, Robert Koharević i Antonela Čmrlec.

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